restoration at the Balmoral Hotel

Design & comfort

Mercure Hotel Balmoral Saint Malo offers its customers a restoration menu
« VRAI & BON » available 24/24 at the reception desk

Vrai & Bon : a range of individual ready meals in jars

Individual ready meals: starters, main courses and desserts are eaten in their jars after simple reheating in the microwave, or in a bain-marie.

Long shelf life: 4 years at room temperature. Produced in France by Val de Luce, Master Craftsman in Picardy

VRAI & BON are top-of-the-range ready-made dishes, created by Val de Luce, a company founded in 1981. Made in a traditional waydishes in jars without added colouring or preservatives.

Known for its gustatory quality and prepared according to local recipes by Philippe Boucquez Maître Artisanet, partner chef Michel Grobon (former Chef at the White House).