Respect for the environment


The team at MERCURE BALMORAL SAINT-MALO is committed to offering you a very pleasant stay and also makes it a point of honor to respect the environment.
Our services are accompanied by a guarantee of compliance with ecological standards according to the European Ecolabel certification.
This brand attests to our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment.


To guarantee comfort and services while giving meaning to your stay, our hotel, the MERCURE SAINT MALO BALMORAL is committed to the approach of sustainable tourism and has obtained the coveted European Ecolabel certification.
The Ecolabel is the only officially recognized environmental label to report environmentally friendly hotels. It rewards both ecological excellence and quality of service.
To receive the eco-label, our establishment passes a rigorous environmental compliance test every two years. The results are certified by the Afnor Certification.


In order to always meet the requirements of our European Ecolabel certification we have put in place measures in favour of the environment:

Limiting water consumption and pollution

  • Our faucets, showers and toilets are equipped with water saver to reduce consumption without altering the quality of flow.
  • The cleaning and hygiene products used are chemical-free, biodegradable and eco-labelled

Reducing energy consumption and promoting renewable energy

  • Our electricity comes from 50 renewable energy sources
  • Presence detectors have been installed in the corridors to prevent the waste of electricity
  • 80 of our bulbs are low Class A consumption

Reducing the volume of waste

  • Upstream, we try to limit as much packaging as possible: soap dispenser, bulk purchases etc.
  • Downstream, we donate our used textiles and other equipment to charity and practice selective sorting and collect cartridges, batteries, light bulbs and other hazardous waste.

Raising awareness and training

  • Staff are regularly trained in water, energy and waste sorting
  • We invite the customer to participate concretely in our approach by practicing eco-gestures

Supporting local, organic and fair-trade products
At breakfast, we offer:

  • An assortment of fair trade tea and coffee (Max Havelaar)
  • Organically grown products (AB certified)
  • Local produce from the region