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Your eco-friendly hotel in the middle of the city, now it’s possible!
The first ecolabel hotel of Saint-Malo.

The MERCURE SAINT-MALO BALMORAL hotel respects the environment and your health. Our mission is to give you the most comfort and quality service while making your stay meaningful.

Our commitments

Nos engagements

The MERCURE BALMORAL SAINT-MALO hotel staff is committed to providing you with a pleasant stay while taking pride in respecting the environment. Our services are in full compliance with environmental standards according to the European Ecolabel certification. This trademark is an indication of our efforts to reduce the impact we have on the environment

The ECOLABEL certification


In order to give you the most comfort and quality service while making your stay meaningful, our hotel, the MERCURE BALMORAL SAINT-MALO has committed to sustainable tourism and obtained the highly coveted European Ecolabel certification. The Ecolabel is the only officially recognized certification awarded to Environmental-friendly hotels. It rewards both environmental excellence and quality of service. In order to receive the eco-label, our hotel has to pass a rigorous environmental compliance test every two years. The results are certified by Afnor Certification.

  • The European Ecolabel

Our commitments and actions

In order to constantly meet the requirements set by our European Ecolabel certification we have implemented a number of measures to protect the environment:

Limit consumption and water pollution

  • Our faucets, showers and toilets are equipped with a water-saving device in order to reduce consumption without compromising the quality of the flow

Reduce energy consumption and promote renewable energy

  • 50 Percent of our electricity supply comes from renewable energy sources

  • Presence detectors have been installed in the hallways to avoid electricity waste

  • 80% of our light bulbs are low-consumption A class category.

Reduce waste volume

  • Upstream, we try to limit packaging as much as we can: soap dispenser, bulk purchasing, etc …

  • Downstream, we give our textiles and other equipment to charity and practice waste sorting. We also collect cartridges, batteries, light bulbs and other hazardous waste.

Raise awareness and train

  • The staff is regularly trained to save water and energy, and to practice waste-sorting

  • We invite our clients to commit to our approach and practice eco-gestures

Support local, organic and fair-trade products.
At breakfast we offer:

  • A selection of fair-trade tea and coffee (Max Havelaar)

  • Products from organic farming (AB certified)

  • Local products of the area

Our partners